New Product Range Aces Beauty Review Test

New Product Range Aces Beauty Review Test


BEAUTICATE Editor's Picks




Sigourney Cantelo is the Editor & Founder of Beauticate, a website dedicated to celebrating all things beauty, from hair styling and facials to miracle products and must-have fragrances. She keeps you updated with the latest beauty and health news and reviews.

Sigourney, familiar with Clear Skincare, recently visited our flagship clinic on Sydney’s Clarence Street to explore our refreshed product line and treatments firsthand.

Her verdict and her standout products have been curated as the Editors Picks.

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About Sigourney Cantelo - Editor & Founder of Beauticate

Having worked as a Beauty journalist for 20 years she was most recently Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia for nearly six years. Throughout her career, she has been awarded six Star Beauty Awards and five Jasmine Awards including winning the coveted Jasmine Award for Journalistic Excellence twice.