How to treat 5 common skin concerns

How to treat 5 common skin concerns

You might have believed that once you were past your teenage years, having conquered acne and diligently applying sunscreen, your skin would naturally fall in line. However, as you reach your late 20s or 30s – and simultaneously develop a newfound desire for a $800 hair dryer – you're faced with unexpected challenges like having cystic pimples and wrinkles at the same time. It's like meeting a brand-new perplexing dilemma.

A multitude of factors contribute to skin issues in adulthood. Emotional and work-related stress, external environmental influences, and even indulgence in caffeine, alcohol, and rich foods can disrupt our immune system, which in turn surfaces through our skin. Moreover, hormonal imbalances during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause uniquely affect women’s skin.

The transformations your skin undergoes come with both emotional and physical hurdles. But here’s the silver lining – effective treatments are available; we’ve tackled the five most common skin concerns we’re asked about in clinic and what products to use to treat them: 







1. Acne-prone skin

Acne outbreaks stem from a combination of factors, but the primary catalyst is consistently excessive oil production. Variances in oil production among individuals contribute to the varying severity of acne among different people. Acne develops when specific sebaceous glands overproduce oil, leading to the obstruction of pores and resulting in the formation of blackheads, skin plugs, lesions, and pustules. Fortunately, a solution is available through our innovative Clarity Edit. This skincare pack includes a comprehensive set comprising a Gel Cleanser with Glycolic, B3 5% Niacinamide Serum, and Smooth Skin 8%. These three products synergize to purify, regulate oil absorption, soothe, and refine your skin, effectively disrupting the acne cycle.


2. Dry, dull skin

The discomfort of dry skin goes beyond just physical sensations – it can significantly affect your self-confidence. However, it’s important to note that the dryness you experience on your facial skin is not a medical condition. With the right knowledge, you can swiftly address this issue. Our assistance comes in the form of the three-step Healthy Glow Edit designed to help you regain your radiance. By harnessing the potent properties of glycolic acid for brightening, Vitamin C for revitalization, and retinyl palmitate for smoothing and firming, this skincare kit is poised to rejuvenate your skin, unveiling its most vibrant and healthy version. 


3. Sensitivity

On occasion, individuals misinterpret their skin’s condition as sensitive. However, genuine sensitivity tends to show up as redness, itchiness, and irritation triggered by various factors. To alleviate these skin concerns, we recommend introducing three essential products that promote skin resilience and healing that make up our Redless Edit. Our lactic cleanser boasts a mild formula that’s well-suited even for the most delicate skin types. The inclusion of copper peptide aids in soothing, repairing, and regenerating your skin, while the lighten cream contributes to a comforting experience.



4. Lines and Wrinkles

There is so much skincare advice in the world that distilling the most important habits to take on before (and during) your 30s & 40s can be mind-field. What are the most important skincare products? Ingredients? And habits to adopt before and during your 40s? We make it easy with our Pro-Ageing Edit. Three steps to help stimulate your collagen, tighten, and firm your skin. Following cleaning with lactic cleanser, the tighten serum will stimulate collagen production and new skin will prevent signs of ageing. 


5. Pigmentation

Numerous factors contribute to the state of your skin tone, ranging from genetic influences to your frequency of applying SPF. Occasionally, due to concerns like redness and freckles, you might notice an unevenness in your skin tone across your face. This is a typical occurrence and generally not a cause for concern. However, if an uneven skin tone is something that bothers you, there are solutions available to help guide you in the right direction. Our Pigment Perfect Edit offers a very effective option. The lactic cleanser in the pack serves to exfoliate and enhance brightness, while the inclusion of tranexamic acid aims to diminish any instances of pigmentation-related discoloration. Furthermore, the pack includes sunscreen to safeguard your skin from additional pigment-related damage.