5 Men’s Beauty Treatment Trends We’re Totally Digging

5 Men’s Beauty Treatment Trends We’re Totally Digging


Times are changing, and while in the past, men and skincare didn’t really go hand in hand, today taking care of your skin should be the number one priority. No matter your gender or age. The world’s top dermatologists and skincare professionals agree – skincare matters. And it is all about taking care of yourself. Here are five of the best men’s beauty trends we were loving in 2023.






1. Multi-functional

Makeup for Men
This year, we are loving multi-functional makeup for men. Different from women’s makeup, this new trend of men’s makeup is designed to be invisible. Ranging from concealer to hide your blemishes and tinted creams that not only give you a glow but also protect your skin from the elements and ageing.


2. Hair, what hair?

We are talking about body hair and one of the looks we’re loving this year is a fresh one. Whether it’s the hair on your face, your legs or your back, if you want it gone, there’s a fantastic way to do so – and it does not involve dreaded hot wax! Laser hair removal with Clear Skincare Clinics is a fantastic way to get rid of any unwanted hair – it’s permanent, prevents you from getting ingrown hairs, and it’ll save you plenty of money on wax treatments or razors in future.

Anti-Ageing Skincare

3. Anti-Ageing Skincare

Speaking of protecting your skin from aging, anti-aging creams and gels are all the rage. Most of these product’s centre around the eyes and they’re designed to reduce lines and dark circles that you might have accumulated through lack of sleep as a parent, too much work, or as a result of those all-night-benders, you used to have with your mates.


Beard care

4. Beard care

Beards aren’t easy to maintain – they’re often dry, wispy, and unkempt. And who has time to be pruning them every day to make sure there are no flyaways right before you head into a big meeting? That’s where beard oils and butter come in useful. If you want your beard to look great and the skin underneath to be soft, you need to take care of it. Wash it regularly, keep it conditioned and hydrated with the right products and trim it as often as you can. This year, grooming is in and unruly is out!

Eco Products

5. Eco Products

It’s all about taking care of ourselves and taking care of the environment. And there are some amazing eco-friendly products on the market that will help you do both! Start by choosing all products that have natural ingredients and are chemical-free. They’ll usually say so on the labels. You might choose organic products that use recycled packaging and avoid microbeads. These are predominantly found in face or body scrubs, and they’re actually made of plastic and pollute the waterways.

If you want to make a difference to your look this year, try the above options and you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in no time.