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  • Clear Skincare products have helped thousands of people achieve smooth clear skin
  • Visible results in 30 days
  • Smooth Skin 8% is clinical strength 8% glycolic cream
  • New Skin, 1% retinyl palmitate, strongest vitamin A concentration available without a prescription
  • New Skin - a collagen stimulating cream that slows & helps prevent the signs of aging so you look & feel younger
  • A beautiful, rich, viscous water based vitamin C serum that is quickly & fully absorbed into your skin
  • Powerful antioxidant, that helps protect your skin from free radical damage that comes with modern living & sun exposure giving you smoother, younger, brighter more vital looking skin
  • Oil free SPF30+ broadspectrum (UVA & UVB) sunscreen

Clear Skincare Sun Damage Solution

  • Clear Skincare New Skin 50g (1.76 oz.)
  • Clear Skincare Smooth Skin 8% 50g (1.76 oz.)
  • Clear Skincare Vitamin C Serum 15ml (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • Clear Skincare Sunscreen SPF30+ oil free 50g (1.76 oz.)
  • Full instructions

Perfect for combination, normal and dry skin types. Not recommended for acne/breakout prone skin - New Skin may stimulate blackheads and/or pimples


How To Use:

In the morning or evening

AM: Cleanse face with the Clear Skincare Gel Cleanser by using ½ gram (0.035 OZ. - one pea) to the whole face, rinse and dry. To dry skin, apply ½ gram Smooth Skin 8% (whole face, no eyes, leave on all day). Apply 3 drops of Clear Skincare Vitamin C Serum to the whole face. Apply 1 drop of Clear Skincare Vitamin C Serum on the back of your hand, spread evenly and massage into your forehead area, then repeat this process around your right eye, cheek and chin area and then around your left eye, cheek and chin area. Apply Sunscreen /- makeup.

PM: Cleanse your skin with the Clear Skincare Gel Cleanser by using ½ gram (one pea) to the whole face, rinse and dry. Apply and massage into your skin ½ gram Clear Skincare New Skin to your whole face including around eyes - leave on all night.


How It Works:

Clear Skincare New Skin uses 1% retinyl palmitate, the strongest vitamin A concentration available without a prescription.

Clinical trials have shown that Vitamin A has numerous beneficial effects on the appearance and feel of skin including stimulating collagen production, improving skin moisture retention and stabilising melanocytes (which are our pigment producing cells) . So if you are serious about rejuvenating your skin, improving the look of fine lines, skin texture and evening out your skin tone, using a Vitamin A cream is essential.

Smooth Skin 8%, with 8% glycolic acid, is clinical strength and designed for uneven skin tone & texture, wrinkles, lines and enlarged pores, leaves your skin feeling instantly firmer, looking and feeling smoother and younger.

Clear Skincare Vitamin C Serum uses a new vitamin C compound called 'Vitagen' as it's active vitamin C.

Vitagen is aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate and has been shown in clinical tests to be significantly more stable (99% stable after 24hrs. exposure to air) than L-ascobic acid (the most common form of vitamin C used in other serums and creams).

Clear Skincare Sunscreen SPF30 oil free is a broadspectrum (UVA & UVB ) sunscreen can be applied daily on all skin types, and can be used as a moisturiser and under makeup.

SPF30 is the regulation maximum rating of Sunscreen in Australia. Regular application of SPF30 Sunscreen plus a hat and protective clothing will provide excellent protection against our harsh climate.

The Clear Skincare Face Roller will radically increase the absorption of and maximise and accelerate the benefits of the Clear Skincare Sun Damage Solution products.



Used daily and as directed, Clear Skincare Sun Damage Solution helps prevent and smooth lines, slow premature ageing and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, even skin tone and texture so that your skin feels and looks smoother, firmer, younger and brighter.



Pigmentation - Before


Pigmentation - after


Before - Lines and wrinkles


After - Lines and wrinkles