$114.00 AUD


  • Clear Skincare Skin & Scalp Roller has helped thousands of Australians naturally infill & even the skin tone of their stretch marks at home
  • No pain, just a moderate pricking sensation
  • Fraction of the cost of in-clinic treatments
  • Roller uses a simple, clean, minimalist design
  • 192 finest quality surgical stainless steel needles (length 0.75mm/0.03", gauge 0.25mm/0.01")
  • Solid, durable, highest quality plastic roller & handle
  • Roller radically increases the absorption and thereby effectiveness of New Skin cream
  • New Skin smoothes lines & wrinkles leaving your skin looking & feeling firmer, brighter, more robust & youthful
  • 1% retinyl palmitate, strongest vitamin A concentration available without a prescription
  • A collagen stimulating cream that gives you skin that looks and feels smoother, with a more even skin tone & texture

Clear Skincare Stretch Marks Solution

  • Clear Skincare Skin & Scalp Roller;
  • Clear Skincare New Skin 50g (1.76 oz.); and
  • Full instructions.

Perfect for all skin types except stainless steel allergic skin


How To Use:

In the morning or evening

  1. Apply the roller gently over the area to be treated, using a star-shaped pattern, roll each area 10 to 15 times, lifting the roller between passes to avoid rolling the same areas. The aim of the procedure is to create the maximum number of micropunctures per area of skin being rolled. It should take you approximately 3 to 5 minutes to roll a face sized area of skin. As you establish your routine you can increase the pressure applied and speed used. Only ever use as much pressure as you feel comfortable applying. You do not have to be too fastidious, remember what you may miss tonight you will get tomorrow night.
  2. After rolling, apply and massage into your skin ½ gram Clear Skincare New Skin to a face size area of the skin being treated - leave on.


How It Works:

The Clear Skincare Skin & Scalp Roller has 192 finest quality surgical stainless steel needles (0.75mm/0.03" needle length, 0.25mm/0.01" gauge) mounted in the highest quality plastic roller and handle.

These needles pierce your skin to create micro channels, stimulating the natural wound healing response in your body to produce collagen and elastin to naturally fill your stretch mark scars. This process is called skin needling or collagen induction (CIT).

These micro channels created by the needles also radically increase the absorption of Clear Skincare creams and serums into your skin maximising their effectiveness, accelerating their benefits.

Clear Skincare New Skin uses 1% retinyl palmitate, the strongest vitamin A concentration available without a prescription.

Clinical trials have shown that Vitamin A has numerous beneficial effects on the appearance and feel of skin including stimulating collagen production, improving skin moisture retention and stabilising melanocytes (which are our pigment producing cells). So if you are serious about rejuvenating your skin, improving the look of fine lines, skin texture and evening out your skin tone, using a Vitamin A cream is essential.



Used daily and as directed, your Clear Skincare Stretch Marks Solution will stimulate the natural infilling and smoothing of the appearance of your stretch marks, evening the appearance of your skin tone and texture.

Every customer who has undertaken skin needling has improved the appearance of their scarring.

Results vary from patient to patient and the duration of needling programme is dependent on the severity, depth and extent of the scarring and the speed of your natural wound healing response.

Your skin naturally renews itself every 40 days (1 cycle). Results are evident after 2 cycles (80 days). Significant results after 4-6 cycles. Rolling can be ceased when you feel that your scars have sufficiently infilled. Another benefit is that your scars will continue to infill naturally for up to 12 months after your final treatment.