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  • Clearskincare Acne products have helped thousands of Australians achieve clear skin
  • A compact, simple, no fuss, blackhead & pimple extractor
  • No more extended, traumatic pimple & blackhead squeezing sessions
  • Uses unique, vertical pressure onto the clogged pore, relieving the contents of even the most hardened, old blackhead or pimple whilst minimising damage to your skin
  • Minimises skin trauma & associated scarring

Perfect for oily, combination & acne prone skin


How To Use:

Step 1. Place your two fingers (index and middle fingers) on either side of the pimple or blackhead and pull until the skin is taut (tight).

Step 2. Place the Easy Squeeze over the pimple or blackhead and then push down firmly to extract the contents of the pore.

Step 3. Do not scrape the skin with the Easy Squeeze. Once finished clean and wash with hot water.

The edges of the Easy Squeeze can also be used to gently squeeze difficult to get to blackheads and pimples around the nose and other areas of the face.

If not extracting, try after a hot shower and/or after a few minutes and/or hours or the next day. Do not use excessive force as you may damage your skin.


How It Works:

Clearskincare's Easy Squeeze works by its unique, vertical pressure onto the pore, which enables the contents of even the most hardened, old blackhead or pimple to be extracted with minimal damage the skin.

Clearskincare's Easy Squeeze also keeps fingers away from blackheads and pimples minimising the risk of infection.

Clearskincare's Easy Squeeze is the most effective blackhead remover currently available.

Clearskincare's Easy Squeeze is constructed from high quality polycarbonate, is extremely durable and is easily cleaned-sterilised in boiling water or sterilising solution . If cared for, the Clearskincare Easy Squeeze will last for 12 months.



Used as directed your Clearskincare Easy Squeeze relieves the drama & trauma of blackhead and pimple extraction using a compact, simple, no fuss tool that actually works and minimises the risk of infection and associated scarring.



Acne - after treatment


Acne - after treatment


Acne - before treatment


Acne - after treatment