'Tis The Season: Why Winter is the perfect time for a skin transformation

'Tis The Season: Why Winter is the perfect time for a skin transformation

The very same thing that makes winter chillier and less beach-worthy than other seasons makes it perfect timing if you’re keen to transform your skin.

Learn why and how to make the most of it.





That matters because of the way some treatments work. The short story is that the coveted new skin which many treatments encourage to grow is particularly photo-sensitive, so it can be damaged more easily if it’s exposed to that big ball of heat in the sky. And that kind of defeats the purpose, because with sun damage comes the risk of freckles and pigmentation – exactly what you might be trying to eradicate!

Avoid the sun if that’s recommended as part of your post-treatment care regardless of the season and use the Clear Skincare Oil Free SPF 30+ Sunscreen when you are out and about. But the fact that daylight hours are shorter in winter – and that whatever sun is shining typically has a lower UV index – means you have got an extra bit of buffer.

Wondering what kinds of treatments to consider putting on your winter wish list? You are in the right place! Here are three types to think about.


Laser Skin Treatments

If you’re looking to be free of the effects of acne, ageing, pigmentation or scarring, a Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is the perfect solution, using light therapy to revive and beautify your skin. If it is redness and rosacea you need to address, specific laser treatments will rejuvenate the texture of the skin. And equally if you need to diminish the appearance of spider veins, again, Clear Skincare offers a laser treatment that could be the answer.

Every laser treatment works slightly differently and takes advantage of different technologies – and some are only suitable for certain Fitzpatrick Scale skin types – but the majority are comfortable, often involve minimal-to-no downtime and typically work by simulating the skin’s collagen production. Using Clear Skincare’s Oil Free SPF 30+ Sunscreen in the days and weeks following laser treatment is essential, with a handful of treatments often being recommended. For some, you will need to allow three or four weeks between each one.

Skin Peels

The feeling of having smooth, revitalised skin is one of life’s wonders. With Clear Skincare Peels, you can experience that feeling in the course of a single night. With overnight peels designed specifically for acne, ageing and pigmentation, you will wake up feeling and looking amazing. That is because, as you sleep, an army of ingredients will get to work on your skin, including lactic acid that will refine fine lines and wrinkles; glycolic acid that will tighten and brighten; vitamin C that will address sun damage and pigmentation; and salicylic acid that will fight breakouts and blackheads. The potency of peels can be adjusted to suit different skin types, but after any and every peel it’s essential to use sunscreen due to how delicate that new skin is.

Skin Needling

Popular as an effective anti-ageing treatment, skin needling stimulates collagen production and new skin cell renewal by making thousands of micro-punctures into the skin. Choose Clear Skincare’s popular Skin Needling Treatment and you’ll reduce the signs of ageing and acne or, depending on what you are targeting, diminish scarring or stretch marks. Equally, the new SkinPen Treatment is precise and complete, producing faster results that will treat everything from fine lines to pore size, leaving skin restored and lustrous. Avoiding sun exposure after each is crucial.

To find out which skin transformation treatments might suit both your skin and the goals you’ve set for it, book a free skin and treatment consultation at your local Clear Skincare clinic.