There’s Not a One-size-fits-all Cure for Acne…

There’s Not a One-size-fits-all Cure for Acne…

For years we’ve been heading to the GP in an attempt to get rid of acne – but did you know that medication may not be the best choice for you?



For many of us who suffer from acne, a visit to the GP can result in a prescription for an oral contraceptive pill, retinoids or a course of antibiotics. And yes, these can work to get rid of acne, or at the very least alleviate flare-ups, calm stressed skin, kill bacteria and clear up badly affected skin. But are they always the best choice?

More and more of us these days don’t want to take those kinds of drugs, or any drugs at all for that matter. As we become more and more aware of what we put in our bodies, many of us are looking for medication-free alternatives. And while they can work, and work well, there are often side effects, reactions and sensitivities… and sometimes they just may not work at all for you.


While hormonal acne – often suffered by women who are menstruating or in menopause – may sometimes need drug intervention, the good news is that there are ways to control and even cure most acne without popping a pill.

Generally speaking, acne is caused by ‘rogue sebaceous glands’ – in other words, sebaceous glands which produce excess oil and skin cells. The combination creates plugs that block hair follicles in the skin leading to pimples, whiteheads, pustules and blackheads. If you then pick or irritate the skin, it can allow bacteria in, which then causes more. Welcome to the acne cycle!




But there are things you can do to break that cycle without medication.

To try and calm your skin, the first steps can often be the most simple:

Ditch the products: Use non-comedogenic skincare products — they don’t block pores and gently clean excess sebum from problem areas.

Keep things clean: Wash your face with a gentle soap or cleanser, especially after working out or sweating, to stop those pores from getting blocked.

Don’t touch: Where possible, keep your hands away from your face, pop in earbuds when you’re talking on the phone, and use throw-away face masks on public transport.

Don’t be tempted to pick: For two reasons — infection and scarring.


Next, you can look into doctor-developed treatments that actually boost your skin complexion and bring out your skin’s best – and in the best news of all, even reverse acne damage with no pills in sight!

Skin Peels can help clear congested skin, removing the build-up of excess oil, sebum, and dead skin cells, so your skin becomes clean and clear. Signature Acne Peels include ingredients that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to help clear acne, stop future breakouts and work to improve the appearance of acne scarring.




LED Light Therapy works to eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin and reduces irritation and inflammation that often accompany acne skin, helping to break the acne cycle and improve the appearance of acne-prone skin.

Signature Acne Treatments that effectively target those over-active sebaceous glands using heat to break the acne cycle. Through a process called ‘sebaceous gland ablation’, or SGA for short they can target the cause of acne without any impact on surrounding healthy skin, effectively stopping the acne cycle in its tracks.

Best of all, Signature Acne Treatments, Skin Peels and LED Light Treatments are clinically proven to be safe and effective with no known side effects.


And as for that scarring – you can also improve your skin’s texture with customised treatments to help bring back your confidence. RF Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing stimulates collagen production with intense heat, reducing acne scarring without the need for anti-inflammatory acne products or oral antibiotics. It’s a fast and effective method of repairing damaged skin without medication. And Skin Needling stimulates collagen production and cell renewal helping to smooth and minimise pore size while also reducing red or brown marks and acne scars.

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