My Experience With Cosmelan

My Experience With Cosmelan

In July 2023, I had my first treatment of the world famous ‘Cosmelan’ treatment through Clear Skincare Clinics.

My main concern going into this treatment, was my melasma that occurred 3.5 years ago during my 3rd pregnancy in the third trimester.



My Skin Journey - Cosmelan

I had other treatments that helped to reduce the pigmentation (skin needling & skin peels) while also using Clear Skincare Clinics products, and I did see a noticeable change, and was managed short-term while the treatments were in progress.

During the hotter months, my pigmentation would start to reappear from the stimulation of UV exposure, and seemed like a long-term battle that became apparent would be requiring ongoing maintenance. My experience with Cosmelan has exceeded my expectation, and within three weeks my melasma has completely resolved, with even glowing skin.

There was no discomfort during the application process, and as the hours progressed of the peel processing for the 8-hour duration I started to feel it working, with expected heat and tingling that was discussed during the consultation process. During my recovery process, I ensured to only use the Mesoestetic skin care.

My skin experienced the typical heat, sensitivity, and peeling. My peeling process started on Day 3, and the most shedding occurred on Day 4. After 72 hours I introduced the Cosmelan 2 cream (as per aftercare sheet provided) and started to use this AM + PM daily. My skin was too sensitive initially in the use of the key active product (Cosmelan 2 cream) in my homecare routine, so I gave my skin a break until swelling, redness and peeling resolved (approximately 5 days).



I then resumed using Cosmelan 2 cream again (mixed with Hydra-vital Factor K) once a day and found my skin tolerated it far better. After 2 weeks, I was then able to apply it ’neat” and not diluted with mixing it with the Hydra-vital Factor K, and just layered on top to stay in line with the instructions provided.

Peeling has continued to occur the entire time (3.5 weeks) however, as I see my skin adapting to the skincare provided, it has become less intense over this timeframe. 

The results were obvious from week 2 and continued to get better as it led to the 4 week mark. I saw the importance of the 4 week prep that is required, as the use of the Brightening Peel Booster & Lactic acid peel assisted in fading my pigmentation prior to having the Cosmelan peel applied.

As you can see in my images provided, I have included my melasma pigmentation at its peak alongside the after image taken 3 weeks post Cosmelan in clinic peel.


Additionally, I have provided the base line images used just before the treatment, where you can see the improvement the preparation had contributed to the fading of my pigmentation.

Cosmelan has evened out my skin dramatically, rejuvenated and refreshed my skin! Highly recommend this treatment to anyone with pigmentation concerns, you will not be disappointed!