Stretch Marks

Clear Your Stretch Marks

The Clearskincare Stretch Marks Solution delivers the critical ingredients that will help infill your stretch marks and restore the appearance of your skin to its clear, healthy state.

The Clearskincare Stretch Marks Solution -

  • Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller
  • Clearskincare New Skin

The Clearskincare Stretch Marks Solution uses the Skin & Scalp Roller to stimulate collagen and elasting to naturally infill your stretch marks and radically increase the absorption of New Skin. New Skin with 1% retinyl palmitate the strongest vitamin A concentration available without a prescription, a collagen stimulating cream that slows and helps prevent the signs of ageing giving you skin that feels smoother and more even in texture and looks more even in skin tone.

Our goal is to deliver you CLEAR SKIN and to keep it CLEAR.




The Clearskincare Stretch Marks Products -

Stretch Marks Treatment & Skin Needling...

Stretch marks are caused by the rapid stretching of the skin breaking apart your skin’s collagen, leaving thinned pigmented (darkened) or depigmented (lightened) areas of skin. Stretch marks are best thought of as depressed or indented scars, where the normal skin structure has been stretched, thinned and significantly injured. They can be red, brown or white. Generally red/brown stretch marks are more responsive to treatment than white stretch marks.

Clearskincare, pioneers of skin needling, first released their unique range of reusable skin rollers in 2004. Clearskincare rollers have helped thousands of Australians naturally infill and improve the look of their stretch marks.

Clearskincare Rollers are designed to perform the technique known as skin needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) where needles pierce the skin to create micro channels, stimulating the upper dermis and the wound healing response of your skin to produce collagen and elastin and thereby naturally infilling indented scars such as stretch marks. These micro channels also radically increase the absorption and effectiveness of creams used to assist the skin needling process. Creams are applied after rolling.

The Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller is constructed using 192 finest quality surgical stainless steel needles (length 0.75mm, gauge 0.25mm) mounted in the highest quality plastic roller and handle. Used daily and cared for as directed your Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller will last for 12 months.

Clearskincare New Skin uses 1% retinyl palmitate, the strongest concentration available without a doctors prescription. Retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, is a collagen stimulating cream that assists the skin needling scar repair process, infilling your stretch marks and evening the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Clearskincare New Skin smoothes the apperance of indented scars, improving the appearance of skin tone and texture leaving your skin feeling smoother, plumper and clearer.

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