More information about Anti-Aging / lines & wrinkles

As we age, and our skin is exposed to the sun and pollution and succumbs to damage from acne, dryness and hormonal change, imperfections appear. Uneven pigmentation, redness from fine capillaries, open pores, roughness and blemishes, spoil the skin from the teens to middle age. Wrinkles begin to appear in the late 30s and early 40s and your youthful appearance is quickly replaced by the visible signs of ageing.

Every six weeks, the skin generates new skin cells in its constant cycle of breakdown and renewal. The Clearskincare Lines & Wrinkles Solution delivers the critical ingredients that will restore the appearance of your skin to its youthful, healthy state.

Vitamin A, a key ingredient in Clearskincare New Skin, is an essential ingredient for skin health. Vitamin A stimulates the fibroblasts (the skin's mother cells) to assist your skin's normal production of new collagen and elastin, to help your skin look younger and feel smoother. Clearskincare New Skin uses 1% retinyl palmitate, the strongest concentration of Vitamin A available without a prescription.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant, assists in the protection of your skin from free radical damage associated with everyday living and reduces the appearance of age lines and smooths wrinkles and pigmentation. Clearskincare Vitamin C Serum uses amino ascorbyl phosphate and has been shown to be significantly more stable than ascorbic acid, L ascorbic acid or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (other common forms of Vitamin C used in other serums and creams.

Clearskincare Microdermabrasion Cream with Retinyl Palmitate is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells that lie on the surface of the skin and make it feel rough and dry. The cream base for this cream is Clearskincare New Skin (1% retinyl palmitate), a powerful collagen stimulator and antioxidant combined with aluminium crystals to provide clinical strength microdermabrasion in the comfort of your home.

The Clearskincare Face Roller will significantly increase the absorption of and maximise and accelerate the benefits of the Clearskincare New Skin cream.

Clearskincare C'ensil uses high concentration pure amphiphilic L-ascorbic acid (25%). It is the is best non prescription skin rejuvenation product available in the world and the highest selling topical vitamin C product in Japan & Korea, available in Australia exclusive to Clearskincare.

Clearskincare Azelaic Peel (overnight) and Clearskincare Vitamin C 100% Peel & Serum Kit are good to use on a weekly basis. They soothe & reduce the appearance of sunspots and other skin discolouration, and protect the skin, leaving it looking & feeling younger, brighter and more radiant.

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