This cult-favourite facial is my skin’s secret weapon

This cult-favourite facial is my skin’s secret weapon

Instant radiance-boosting results? Yes, please.

Marie Claire + Clear Skincare


There’s a lot that goes into party prep: the hair, the nails, the painstaking process of picking the perfect outfit.

But there’s one part of our final look that’s often more responsible for boosting our self-confidence than the rest: our skin.

Glowing, glass-like skin is one of the building blocks of a flawless makeup finish, so putting in the effort to properly prepare our skin so it looks (and feels) its best this festive season—and all year round—is worth it.

Enter the half-hour treatment that leaves skin with an instant radiance, by gently exfoliating, resurfacing, and flooding it with brightening antioxidants and serums to maximise your glow.


It’s called the HydraFacial, and it’s a global phenomenon (with one sold every 12 seconds) that’s the secret behind the perfect, red-carpet-ready skin of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

We tried the treatment at Clear Skincare… and the results were so instant and impressive, we’re counting it as one of our party season must-haves.

More and more of us these days don’t want to take those kinds of drugs, or any drugs at all for that matter. As we become more and more aware of what we put in our bodies, many of us are looking for medication-free alternatives. And while they can work, and work well, there are often side effects, reactions, and sensitivities… and sometimes they just may not work at all for you.

What Is The HydraFacial?

With just three steps, HydraFacial delivers the results of an advanced facial in just thirty minutes. The no-downtime, non-surgical procedure cleanses, extracts, and hydrates your skin using a patented vortex tip for an instantly vibrant glow.

First, the skin is prepped using gentle cleansing products. Then, it’s the deep clean and extract phase, where dirt, congestion, and blocked pores are cleared with gentle suction. Skin is then hydrated with a blast of hyaluronic acid and peptides for an instant boost.

Finally, a range of super serums (picked up by your therapist for your skin’s specific needs, making it suitable for all skin types) are infused into the skin, leaving the skin with an instant, radiant glow.

The Process

Not a facial as you know it (there are no dimmed lights or scented candles here), the HydraFacial is all about getting to work on your skin.

My treatment began with my therapist introducing me to the HydraFacial machine and talking me through the steps of the treatment.

Then, lying on a bed, she began. My skin was cleansed with a mix of algae extract and lactic acid serum, and then again with a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids, all helped along with the gentle—and painless—suction of the machine.

Then, the suction was turned up, removing debris and sebum from my pores, while simultaneously delivering hyaluronic and peptide serum back into my skin for a hydration boost. While the suction is noticeable, it’s completely painless and comfortable.






The Results

After the final step (where my skin was flooded with antioxidants and serums), the results were noticeable. My pores were clear, and my skin looked smoother, plumper, and more radiant than ever. And the glow? Out of this world.

Running my hands over my face, my skin felt cleaner than it had in years. My therapist even showed me the canister where the dirty water and extractions are kept during the treatment, and I could see the years of built-up congestion that had been sucked away.

“My skin was instantly more radiant and hydrated after the HydraFacial, and the glow lasted for days.”


Leaving the clinic, makeup-free, I felt more confident in my skin than ever. Fresh-faced and glowing, the improvements to my skin’s radiance, tone, and texture were visible for days, with makeup products gliding on smoothly, and less product required to cover up imperfections.

For party-perfect skin, and to optimise skin health, one treatment per month is recommended to maintain long-lasting results. And after seeing the results for ourselves? You better believe we’ll be going back for more.

Clear Skincare wants you to have your best skin, so you can feel free to be your best you. Doctor-developed and results-driven, they are one of the country’s most experienced skin, acne, cosmetic injecting, and laser hair removal clinics with over 90 locations across Australia and New Zealand.