DIY Facial @Home

DIY Facial @Home

Hack your glycolic acid Microdermabrasion Cream for a DIY Facial @Home.

As we’re spending more time at home, and less in the capable hands of our therapists, we’re looking for ways to get more out of our regular @Home skincare routine. Having a treatment in our clinic is as much an act of self care & self love, as it is maintaining healthy skin. So why should isolation be the reason that stops? We’ve been getting creative with some products already in our bathroom so you can bring that clinic experience home...

Step 1

Double Cleanse

• Double cleanse with our Gel Cleanser
• Use warm water to open your pores and remove impurities
• Gently pat your skin dry, leaving it slightly damp ready for Step 2

Step 2


• Gently massage your Microdermabrasion Cream into the skin for a few minutes
• Concentrate on your nose, chin and problem areas

Step 3


• Don’t rinse off just yet
• Let the Cream sit on your skin for a few extra minutes to allow the Glycolic Acid to work deeper into the dermis
• This hack will allow for a deeper exfoliation and smoother skin

Step 4

Rinse & Pat Dry

• Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing
• This reduces stretching of the skin and allows more water to be absorbed, increasing your skin’s hydration

Step 5


• Since you have just opened your pores and removed dirt and dead skin, now is the best time to use a hydrating mask like our Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask.

• Leave on the skin for 20 minutes and allow the skin to rehydrate after exfoliating.

Clear Skincare Tip!

When you remove your mask from your face, take advantage of all the leftover product and sit the mask on your neck and decolletage.

The Result

• Glowing, hydrated skin
• Smoother skin with less visible pores or texture


Wrap up your DIY facial by using your regular moisturisers and eye creams and it is time to relax. Or jump on Houseparty to show off that glow.

We recommend implementing this into your routine weekly or fortnightly to give your skin that extra TLC.

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